Legionella Safe Filters

Legionella Safe H2O is wholly owned and operated by Hampton & Associates LLC,
Legionella Safe H2O is a US Distributor for Safe Water Products Ltd. of Belgium

Legionella Safe H2O

Legionella Safe H2O is a US Distributor for Safe Water Products and is based in Pompano Beach, FL. SWP is a company with many years experience in the design of high quality legionella filtration products.

Safe Water Products of Belgium has been involved in cutting edge design and innovation of water safety products for many years. We are committed to providing innovative, effective, reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective products.

The company develops its own in-house solutions and manufactures in the finest factories with a proven record of quality and consistency.

Effective Immediately, CDC’s Elite Testing Center Applied Industrial Microbiology Inc., California has concluded that Inline Filters by Safe Water Products Ltd. are a True Log 7 for consumers in the US market. Laboratory tested compliant to all EU standards.

Proven protection against Legionella spp.

Legionella Safe H2O filters are 99.999% effective in removing Legionella from the water stream in the shower, at the tap and in ice machine lines.

Provides instantaneous protection

Instant Protection. Just as soon as you install any Legionella Safe H2O filter you are protected. Shower, drink water and use ice. Our filters are 99.999% effective in stopping the Legionella bacteria.

Easy Installation to use on all showers

Legionella Safe H2O filters are easy to install and change. The adapters are threaded. Simply remove and replace the shower filter dispose of the old filter.

Long life and high volume throughput

The typical filter will filter 1250 gallons of water. This allows for 45 – 90 days before the necessity to replace the filter. Typically the shower filter will last 60 days.

Our Products

Tap Safe Legionella Filter

After water purification you have been assured that the sullied water is clean. You follow all the necessary water treatment procedures.

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Inline Legionella Filters

Legionella Safe H2O Inline Legionella Filter SS-888 is a powerful and approved legionella filter to effectively stop Legionella spp.

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Shower Safe Legionella Filters

The Legionella Safe H2O Shower Head SS-886 & disposable/replaceable Legionella Filter SS2 has been validated using Legionella Pneumophila.

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